Referral Information:

  • The psychologists at Wisdom Health are fully registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. They are registered Medicare providers and are able to take referrals under the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative.
  • Our gap payments vary but are generally around $75. Lower rates apply for health care card holders.
  • Although GPs are welcome to send GP Mental Health Care Plans to us directly before we see a client, we do not directly call these clients but instead always wait for them to call for an appointment themselves.  If we have received a GP Mental Health Care Plan and the client doesn’t call us within a number of weeks, we send a letter back to the referring GP to let them know.
  • Patients who may benefit from relaxation, stress-management, or a complementary therapy for anxiety, depression or chronic pain can be referred to our Mindfulness groups.  For more information see our Mindfulness pages or feel free to contact us.
  • Our psychologists are happy to come to your practice to talk about the services we offer. Please call or email our reception to book a time.

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