Dr John Thomas

Clinical Psychologist
MA, MPsych, PhD, MAPS

I have been a Clinical Psychologist for over thirty years, in both government and private practice settings, working with adults, children and families.

As well as my training in Clinical Psychology, I have made an intensive study of Yoga and its application to personal wellbeing, completing my doctorate on the subjective effects and brain activity in meditation. To find out more about my research, visit my ResearchGate profile.

In therapy, I combine both Western psychology and Yoga insights to assist people to enhance their self-awareness and to bring their inner wisdom to resolve personal difficulties. To do this, I draw from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, hypnosis, guided imagery, as well as various Yoga breathing and meditation practices.

I enjoy working with people on a wide range of issues. My special interest is in the daily experience of chronic pain and anxiety states, including those related to trauma. I appreciate the opportunity to assist people in maximising their potential through lifestyle change. In all my work, my aim is to provide the most effective individualised program and support for your desired change.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ph: (08) 6161 3848

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