Rob Schütze

Clinical Psychologist

BA, BJourn, GradDipPsych, BSc(Psych)Hons, MPsych(Clinical), MAPS
Registered for Medicare and health fund rebates
Psychology Board of Australia approved Supervisor

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. I'm a Clinical Psychologist and the founder of Wisdom Health. I'm really passionate about finding ways to help people live happy, meaningful lives. That means empowering you to learn new skills and develop your own wisdom about what works for you.

Because I want to help people become their own therapists and eventually 'sack' me, I use therapeutic approaches that emphasise empowerment, self-management and skills development. I find that most of the time the approach that best fits this mould is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), which is basically a big umbrella for techniques that help you think and act in more helpful ways. The great thing about CBT is that it's the approach that has the most scientific evidence for its effectiveness in addressing psychological problems, especially when they get bad enough to affect your day-to-day functioning. Other approaches I use a lot, which are related to CBT in many ways, are Metacognitive Therapy (MCT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). These approaches are really helpful in getting us 'out of our heads', to live more in the moment, which is great for addressing anxiety and depression especially.

I see a wide range of people with all kinds of concerns, from young kids with anxiety, to older adults facing grief and loss, for example. However, helping people with chronic or persistent pain is my primary specialty. I work closely with physiotherapists, GPs, and pain medicine physicians to help people learn how to manage their pain. Again, the research shows that this multidisciplinary approach is the most effective and empowering. Other types of problems I commonly see are various forms of anxiety (e.g. social anxiety, post traumatic stress, obsessive compulsive disorder, generalised anxiety), work stress, depression, eating disorders and relationship problems. Aside from helping out when things aren't going so well, I also enjoy working with people who are already functioning well but would like to enhance their mental wellbeing.

When I am not working directly with clients, I am involved in various research projects the areas of pain science, mindfulness and yoga. I am currently completing a PhD at Curtin University, supported by Fremantle Hospital Medical Research Foundation's Bellberry Medical Research Scholarship. I also teach in the Master of Psychology program at Curtin University, where I am an Adjunct Lecturer. You can access my academic research publications from my ResearchGate profile.

Finally, my other great passion is yoga and I teach Ashtanga Yoga at the yoga school I co-founded in West Perth – The Yoga Space

But enough about me, let's hear about you!

Contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ph: (08) 6161 3848


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